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Male Escort for Bachelorette

There is much confusion over the term ‘Stagette’. Sometimes it is represented by a group of girls gathering in a living room who want a stripper to spice up the evening. There may be a birthday girl or a genuine ‘bachelorette’ present (the bachelorette is usually a girl who is soon to be wed). Often, the term bachelorette night is perhaps better represented by ‘Ladies Night’ where tickets are sold in order to gain entry. If this is the case more than one stripper is usually desired. If this is the case VIP Escorts may still be able to help you !


It's time for you to go out and have your own fun!!! Men have been doing it for years. So set the stage for a party none of your friends will forget and get the gift that unwraps itself. Have a Male Dancer show up at your location and peel off one layer at a time. And it's all for you and your friends!!

Just think, if you've always wanted to have something that your girlfriend will always remember then why not have a hot guy show up at her door!! The V.I.P. BOY'z  have clean, sexy acts with a variety of costumes to choose from. We can do anything from showing up in a tuxedo to stripping down to a bikini back.

So if you've been working hard at home and at work, let one of the V.I.P. BOY'z cater to you and all of your friends with something special - a Male Delivery! Call today to book one of the V.I.P. BOY'z.

SSo why have your Bachelorette & B-day party anywhere else. 

At V.I.P., we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in male exotic entertainment for bachelorette parties, home parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, ladies' nights as well as any and all other occasions!

Many costumes to choose from. Fireman, policeman, construction worker, cowboy and more!!
VIP Escorts
is in constant contact with numerous reliable strippers! If you are looking to put on a full evening show rather than just a strip act, get in touch and VIP can help.

**Your guest has to be booked 14 day's prior to your event.**



H i r i n g



Age: 32

Weight: 185

Height: 5'10"

Hair: Blonde

$250.00 Transportation incl.

Available at all locations


Age: 00

Weight: 000

Height: 0'0"


$250.00 Transportation incl.

Available at all locations


1 hr - $250.00 for up to 20 guest
2 hr - $350.00

The above fee is paid to get the dancer to perform up to the specified time!
However,  tipping is appreciated! Remember, the bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill!!!


Toll free: 1-877-684-0050





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